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Why? Because I'm a huge LUSH fan. Without a doubt they are my all time favorite band. They are from the 90's labled shoegazzer/Britpop. LUSH. Their music makes me think of all things British-- I've never been there but it evokes images of what I think the country is like. There's no other band I can listen to over and over like them , I call it modern pyschadelia. It was unique to have two girls fronting the band on guitars and vocals and they did the songwriting with two guys on bass and drums all good musicians. Miki Berenyi, Emma Anderson, Chris Acland, Steve Rippon were the original members Rippon was replaced after the first cd by Phillip King. Miki the lead singer is Japanese/hungarian and has the british accent sounds like Kiera Knightly. Got the asian/brit thing going on-- she's amazing to watch \:D/--I need a time machine :'( They were together from 1988-1996 and released 4 cds I love all of it. Their sound is at times aggressive other times light and spacy driven by guitars drenched in echo and fx but the bass and drumming was great too. Two from the debut cd "GALA" which could be argued was the best. One from the 2nd "Spooky" but the 3rd "Split" and 4th "Lovelife" are just as good some of their videos:

Sweetness and light -- This song is sooooooo British sounding to me. This vid has Chris the drummer and Miki the singer off the top. In 1996 Chris committed suicide ending the band. This is off the debut Cd

De-luxe -- Another from the debut. This would be the signature song the first one I heard and it was from college radio in Boston I loved it but took forever to find out who the band was because they played it sparingly. Love the chorus, the bass moving in opposition to the guitars on the G to A chords he goes G to F#.

Superblast -- this is from the 2nd cd Spooky mock live video.

500(Shake baby shake)

and two great live ones
Kiss Chase and Hypocrit

Single girl