Song info/credits

The Exile Collection project


All songs written by Jimrocks22 a.k.a. James Anderson and songs 1-5 were recorded and mixed using Cakewalk Sonar

1 Fall
Mixed by Jimrocks22 with remixing/mastering help by Roel "Rolo" Saenz , Rolo is a brilliant musician/producer
mixer/mastering engineer.
M: - Drums, Bass, Lead and Rythym guitars on the right, Piano, strings
Jimrocks22: - Lead and rythym Guitars on the Left, Vocals

M? Hmmm who is this M guy? Well shortly after entering the Cakewalk Sonar boards I saw a song post called
"M tries to rock out" and I clicked on it and yeah I thought hey that dude can really play
So I responded with: "M does rockout!" and we've been emailing and colaborating ever since and
lucky for me. M is a really mega-talented musician he shreds on guitar, he is also a wizard on midi
instruments such as strings, horns, piano and programming drums, he plays bass, keys I don't think
there are many things he couldn't play. There are few musicians I've come across as talented as M
yet at the same time very humble and helpful with other people's projects. I, as well as others,
have really benefited from having M's enormous help on my material. His site:
Noise in the basement

2 The One for Me
Mixed by Sonic aka Mike Meengs--Mike is a highly respected mixer/musician
Donny Thompson Lead and harmony vocals, Donny is a superb singer/drummer/guitarist/songwriter.
Jimrocks22 opening lead guitar, acoustic & electric guitars, synths.
M: Drums & percussion, lead & bass guitars, organ, piano.

3 Drive Me Crazy
M: Drums,guitars,lead solo, synth, organ
Oli Grunfeld:Very proper British accented commentary.
Oli is a very talented bloke from across the pond who writes a wide variety of song styles -this song is my tribute to
Def Leppard so it was great to have him aboard.
Jimrocks22: mixing, vocals, guitars, bass,

4 A Good Woman
This song was started by a highschool friend of mine and great singer, David Dehm, we went to Andover High in Massachusetts. He showed me
some of this song when it was being written. He died in 1999 so I eventually finished it.
Kab: - Drums - Kab as he's known at our music forum is a great Drummer, guitarist, bassist, pianist composer.
Darryl Coy: - Rythym guitars. Darryl is a guitarist singer/songwriter bassist drummer yeah he does it all but mostly he's known for his great guitar tones.
Jimrocks22: - Mixing, Bass, Lead guitar and Vocals.
Donny Thompson: - supplied snare drum samples
Jeff Markham: - drumagoged the samples for me. Known for his piano Jeff is another one of those crazy multitalented studio mixer/musician/composer guys.

5 Daughters
I have three and M has one so we did this one for them
The music is the all M band: - Drums, Bass, Keys, Electric and Acoustic guitars.
Jimrocks22: - mixing and the vocals.

6 American Idol
This was written about Kelly Clarkson, being she's from Texas I thought I could cash in....still waiting.
Recorded at Millenium Sound Studios in Dallas TX using Protools.
I did the vocals and the lead guitar I had help from the Joe Miller band
Joe Miller played acoustic and we had his drummer and bass player on this one

I could link to many more musicians that I've met on music forums that have helped me but Can't leave out this guy:
Carl Jensen He and M especially have been like professional music mentors for me. I don't know how I discovered
it but I had been using Acid Pro 4 software software but I really didn't anything about getting a professional
sound. I was at that time an artist that did home demos. What the guys I've met on Cakewalk Sonar and the otherplace forums
are about is being a total DAW (digital audio workstation) musician. The Daw musician is not just the artist but the producer,
engineer, mixer and mastering engineer as well. I was searching for info on making home recordings more professional and I
got a link to Carl's song "Then you said goodbye V2" So I played it and was blown away and it was all done at his home
studio. And so in June of 2005 I entered the sonar forums and being impresed by the people and the quality of the songs
posted I became a Sonar user. Alot of us that started there have moved to The other place forum. But Carl is a very talented
Singer/guitarist/producer/mixer. His vocals are often compared to Bryan Adams but I think Bryan would be jealous of Carl. Carl's
music is top notch straight ahead no apologies ROCK and he does everything well. He really makes me want to rock out on my own
material more. His songs are like clinics on tracking and mixing. Carl has been a big help in my DAW education. His site:
Carl Jensen